Paul Ingalls ( http://www.linkedin.com/in/paulingalls ),  is an experienced startup executive, both inside and outside big business. Along with Andrew Wright, Paul Thelen, Se-Wai Lee and a great team of others, he helped create the casual games business at RealNetworks, leading and later managing the technical team that built RealArcade, the first app store. It was during this stretch that he first implemented Extreme Programming at Real.

He followed that up by architecting and building the product team, the company culture and the consumer service at Smilebox, the best way to share photos and videos with friends and family. It was at Smilebox that he was able to spread his wings, and build a truly agile company. Check out his LinkedIn recommendations to see how that went. As the key lieutenant to Andrew Wright, Paul was involved deeply with the Board of Directors and the strategic direction of the company. Smilebox recently sold to Incredimail (now Perion) for $32-$40million.

Paul still keeps his hand’s dirty. In fact, for the majority of his time at Smilebox he was a coding VP, spending 70% of his time pairing with his team. Therefore, he has kept his depth and breadth of technical knowledge and skill fresh, utilizing the latest technologies and still doing crazy stuff with the old ones. Need to hack a COM object like flash out of the registry and into your app? Need to hook the OSX kernel to capture audio before the sound card gets it? Need to write a DirectShow filter? Need to layer a UIWebView transparently on top of a UIImageView? He’s got you covered.

Paul attended The University of Notre Dame. He’s always been a sports fan, going to Seahawks and Mariner games a bunch as a child, but his time there focused it on college sports. He watches every Notre Dame football game, and probably yells at the TV too much for gentle company. He is currently channelling that energy in to his new startup, helping sport fans watch the game with other fans.

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